Don’t rely on one source of income

If you’re working in a traditional business with a brick-and-mortar store that carries inventory and high overhead, PLEASE listen up. Your job is not secure! I don’t wanna insight a panic or make outrageous claims, but I can’t help but see a HUGE shift in the way businesses are running.

This afternoon I have a friend who may or may not have a job tomorrow because the company she’s been loyal to – and loves working for – is cutting about 3,000 people from their workforce.

Macy’s, The Limited, Sears and now Lowes (!!!) are all reorganizing and it’s at the expense of YOUR JOB. You can be as loyal as you want to be to a company, but as long as you’re working for someone else, you’ll never have 100% job security.

If you don’t have SOME kind of plan in place that generates passive, residual income, you’re living a risky life. There’s no security in a job! Even if you’re in a corner office making multiple 6-figures. Be smart and don’t rely on only one source of income.

I’m offering you a backup plan. A safety net. An exit strategy. An additional insurance policy. You’ve GOT to have a side hustle that can be working for you in the background of whatever else you’re doing. It just makes sense as we are seeing the shift from traditional business to social commerce.

Seriously, folks. What do you have to lose? What’s it going to take? Would you rather be prepared for a mass layoff, or find out at 2:30pm in some meeting that your services are no longer needed? Let’s have a simple conversation about what it might look like for you to have this in your back pocket. What’s it going to take?